Business Tax Extension Form 7004

If you need more time to organize all the documents required to file a business tax return, you can request for an automatic tax extension by filing Form 7004 with the IRS before March 15, 2019, which extends your filing deadline up to 7 months.

IRS FORM 7004 - An Overview

The IRS Form 7004 is an application for ""Automatic Extension of Time To File Certain Business Income Tax, Information, and Other Returns” which automatically extends the filing deadline for 33 different sets of IRS Forms. The IRS typically grants automatic extensions up to 7 months depending on the business type and tax year period.

Automatic Extension for C-Corporations and Entities

  • If the tax year ends on December 31, you can apply for a 6-month extension.
  • If the tax year ends on June 30, you are eligible for a 7-month extension.
  • If the tax year ends on any date other than December 31 and June 30, you can file for a 6-month extension.

Corporate Tax Extension - To extend C-Corporation or S-Corporation filing deadlines with the IRS, use 7004 form for the following set of IRS returns:

Form 1120 Form 1120-C Form 1120-F Form 1120-FSC Form 1120-H
Form 1120-L Form 1120-ND Form 1120-SF Form 1120-PC Form 1120-ND (Section 4951 taxes)
Form 1120-REIT Form 1120-RIC Form 1120S Form 1120-POL

Automatic Extension for Certain Trusts and Estates

These forms are only eligible for a 5 1/2-month tax extension when filing IRS Form 7004:

Form 1041(Trust) Form 1041(estate other than a bankruptcy estate)

Automatic Extension for Certain Entities

The following forms are eligible for a 6-month tax extension when filing Extension Form 7004:

Form 706-GS (D) Form 706-GS (T) Form 1041 (bankruptcy estate only) Form 1041-N Form 1041-QFT Form 1042
Form 1065 Form 1065-B Form 1066 Form 3520-A Form 8612 Form 8613
Form 8725 Form 8804 Form 8831 Form 8876 Form 8924 Form 8928

Who is Eligible to Apply an Extension With 7004 Form?

Depending on the type of business and tax year period, these entities may qualify for an automatic extension up to 7 months:

  • Multi-Member LLCs
  • C-Corporations
  • S-Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Trusts and Estates (Only eligible for a 5 1/2-month tax extension depending on which tax form is needed to file a return)

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